HR Consultancy

Our Consultants bring international and local experience, combined with a sound knowledge of the Oman Labour Law as well as industry international best practices.

Whether our client wishes to start from scratch or simply get their current HR processes reviewed, we can help. We can assist on consultancy basis or by placing our HR Consultants on-site for the duration of a project. We also offer part-time HR management, where a member of our team attends client offices on regular basis to oversee HR activities. This provides highly qualified Consultants who can offer vast experience without having to bear the cost of full time employee(s).

We work extensively in the following areas:

An organisational structure groups people together with the aim of achieving the maximum productivity. Ideally, employees will be able to communicate, share resources, coordinate activities, and be efficient. The most effective structure for an organisation is one that is aligned to its strategies.
Strategy is a set of informed choices which provide direction, inspires commitment and allows the organisation to respond quickly to customers and competitors, enabling it to fulfil its goals and achieve a sustainable position in its market. A successful HR Strategy is one that provides a roadmap to create value through the organisation’s workforce.
Policies and procedures are a set of documents that should exist within any company. Policies explain the company’s position on an HR matter and procedures tell managers and employees how to achieve it.
A competency framework is a structure that sets out and defines each individual competency (such as problem-solving or people management, etc.) required by individuals working in the organization.
Putting the right number of people and right kind of people in the right place and time achieves the right results. Manpower Planning has an important place in the arena of industrialization.
Job analysis is the formal process of identifying the content of a job in terms of the activities involved and attributes needed to perform the work and identifying major job requirements
An effective performance management system will enable the understanding of how employees are performing against the objectives set for them. In turn, this will determine how the whole organisation is performing against its set targets
The goal of L&D to align employee goals and performance with that of the organization’s. A L&D Strategy is a mechanism that establishes what competencies an organisation requires in the future and a means to achieve it.
Succession planning is an on-going, dynamic process that helps an organisation to align its business goals and its human capital needs. It also ensures that an organisation keeps pace with changes to the business, industry, and overall market place. To achieve outstanding results using succession planning, an organisation must develop an effective and highly focused strategy that centres on organisational excellence.
We can assist in ensuring that C&B structures are indeed fit for the organisation. Considering the market as well as the industry norms, the aim should be to retain current employees and making the organisation an attractive proposition for new recruits.
A pay structure is a collection of pay grades/levels linking related jobs within an organization. It provides a framework for the implementation of reward strategies and policies within an organization.
An audit is a systematic process, which examines the important aspects of the function and its management. It is also a means to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas where rectification may be warranted.

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